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Help!!! Question 1: I've broken my denture. What should I do??

To put simply, nothing.

But Why??

I get many phone calls about broken dentures. They break mainly due to 2 reasons - handling and balance.

1. Handling - when the dentures are dropped or mishandled during cleaning or moving them from one place to another.

2. Balance - when dentures break in the mouth due to not fitting properly or biting properly, generally due to the age of the dentures

What needs to be done?

- If the breakage occurs because the denture has been mishandled in any way, a repair can be done quite easily.

- If the breakage occurs in the mouth (most of the time, it happens when you are eating something soft), the repair itself is pretty simple but doesn't tackle the underlying problem.

In a perfect world, a denture should be relined and the bite balanced again after a repair has been done. 95% of the time, this doesn't happen and the denture keeps on breaking again, frustrating the denture wearer and placing unnecessary stress on the provider/clinician/technician.

Put simply, the person who is seeing you for the dentures should be assessing the situation thoroughly and making a recommendation. If questions asking about how they broke, or when they broke, or even why they broke aren't asked, you may have to start questioning the logic behind the repair.

DO NOT superglue them back together (we all have someone handy in the household but don't do it) as the pieces may not fit correctly after the superglue has been applied, in some cases, more than once. There are clinics that charge extra if super glue has been used as it takes the technician longer to do the repair.

DO - Call us! I can come out, assess the repair properly and make the proper recommendations. I can get the repair done on the same day, and you won't have to leave the house or rob a bank.

For a free mobile consultation, call us on 9457 7717

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